Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's been too long

Hi Everyone, I know it's been so long since I last posted but I do have a few good excuses. I arrived back in the UK on the 4th April and I've been so busy ever since. My first task was to try and find a job and I'm happy to say that I found one in a call centre within two weeks. I've been working there for almost a month now and it's a good place to be. Also, I don't have access to the internet at home so what with working five days a week and having to go to the library to use the internet I haven't really had much time for blogging. Next time I post I'll put a couple of photos up of what I've been up to since I got back. One of the things that I missed most when I was out in the Philippines was our historic buildings and so I was so happy to go out to St. Michael's Abbey in Farnborough for mass one Sunday. The mass was very beautiful, it was in Latin apart from the readings and the music sung by the monks was very beautiful, I enjoyed it so much.
Last weekend I went to London and stayed with my sister, she has recently bought a flat with a very big garden and armed with a pitchfork I took to digging the soil for a vegetable patch to grow potatoes and runner beans. I really enjoyed being out in the fresh air and the exercise was good fun. On Sunday I went to mass at St. James, Spanish Place probably my favourite church in London and of course it was incredible, they always sing the most beautiful polyphony there. I then went to Newman House to see some friends which was great and had afterwards had lunch at Carluccio's, my favourite Italian restaurant. I then made a quick dash to Picadilly to meet with a friend and luckily caught a glimpse of the amazing 40ft high Sultan's Elephant ( definitely check out the website if you don't know what I'm talking about) that is making its way through London complete with Sultan and princesses on board at the moment. All in all it was a wonderful weekend that left me feeling refreshed and exhilarated, I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends.

God Bless you all,
In Christ through Mary


p.s. Please pray for me I've got my first two interviews for the Dominicans on Sunday