Friday, February 03, 2006

Pet Peeves

Patti from Mercy Drops Falling tagged me so here goes:
Five Pet Peeves

1. People in the UK who address me as 'mate', especially when they don't know you at all (the first thing it puts me in mind of is a biological partner!). I think the Filipino "Kuya" meaning brother is much nicer.
2. People in the Philippines who call out "Joe, hey, what's up!" to me just because I'm white
3. People who spit/urinate (there are many who do this in the Philippines) in public
4. People who call me narrow minded simply because I refuse to accept the doctrine of relativism that all things can be true at any one time and there is no such thing as absolute truth
5.People who patronize me and myself when I realise that I am being patronizing

In Christ through Mary,