Friday, February 03, 2006

Gonna Soak Up the Sun

I'm so excited because I'm going to Boracay island and in the words of Sheryl Crow "I'm gonna soak up the sun; I'm gonna tell everyone to lighten up". I can't believe that in 7 days my sister Clare will be here and we will be going on holiday to a beautiful resort for a much needed rest and relaxation away from my work here in Manila. It's unbelievably not only going to be the first time in over seven months that I will see one of my family but also the first and probably only time that I will meet another British person. The cultural difference here is really overwhelming, it's hard to believe how people can think and feel so differently about so many things. One of the things I read about and in the DVI information pack was the culture shock that volunteers feel not only when they depart but also when they return. This has been on my mind a lot recently especially since it's only two months until I return to England now. I wonder how I will react to being around familiar sights and sounds, tastes and textures again. I'll be sure to let you know when I find out.
Keep in touch and keep praying,
In Christ through Mary,

Pet Peeves

Patti from Mercy Drops Falling tagged me so here goes:
Five Pet Peeves

1. People in the UK who address me as 'mate', especially when they don't know you at all (the first thing it puts me in mind of is a biological partner!). I think the Filipino "Kuya" meaning brother is much nicer.
2. People in the Philippines who call out "Joe, hey, what's up!" to me just because I'm white
3. People who spit/urinate (there are many who do this in the Philippines) in public
4. People who call me narrow minded simply because I refuse to accept the doctrine of relativism that all things can be true at any one time and there is no such thing as absolute truth
5.People who patronize me and myself when I realise that I am being patronizing

In Christ through Mary,

Quartet Meme

Sorry I've been away for so long, the truth is that I've been going to the gym every other day and that's kind of been my focus the last few weeks. Also, I had the feeling that nobody was reading my blog but since a couple of people have asked where I am I feel motivated to carry on. I'll start with the meme of Fra Lawrence who tagged me in January:
Four Jobs I've Had in My Life:
1. Teaching Religion classes to Grade 6 students 2. A cleaner in my University Residence 3. A Subway Sandwich Artist 4. Teaching Catechism to High School Students
Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over, and Have:1. The Harry Potter films 2. The Wizard of Oz 3. Devdas 4. The Hours
Four Places I Have Lived:1. Portsmouth/Southsea, UK (my home town) 2. London, UK 3. Manila, Philippines 4. Only three!
Four TV Shows I Love To Watch:1. Rome 2. The Gilmore Girls 3. Restoration 4. Jane Hickson's Miss Marple
Four Places I Have Been On Vacation: 1. Rome 2. Paris 3. Madrid 4. Republic of Ireland
Four Websites I Visit Daily:1. The New Liturgical Movement 2. Contemplata Aliis Tradere 3. BBC News 4. CNN
Four Favorite Foods:1. Smoked salmon 2. Pret-A-Manger 3. Thai Green Curry with Coconut Rice 4. English Fish and Chips
Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now: 1. At home with my family 2. London 3. A gothic cathedral 4. Rome
In Christ through Mary,